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Seamless patterns with designs that coordinate with each other. Perfect for capsule collections.

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ella salomea randall

designs with watercolor motifs and beautiful color palettes. Her designs will elevate your business to the highest level.

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Our digital patterns have brought a 50% increase in revenue for customers when they print and sell Popologie designs


I will say that you will never go wrong with her designs! Popologie will become the next “go to” for all fabrics and clothing shops. Her designs are nothing short of amazing. You can print them at the size made or you can make them smaller for babies and little kids clothing. She knows exactly the perfect size for her designs so that it looks amazing on all types of clothing. I love that her designs are hand drawn or mostly hand drawn for some of them. I love that they are unique, not like any others out there at the moment. I love that she offers unisex designs as well as boy designs. Boy designs are so hard to find. Also love her “muted, neutral tone” in her brand. It’s the trend with a lot of customers right now. I love that she has collections so you always have something to pair it with without having to search for other designs to match. Oh and you can’t forget about the fact you don’t have to have a license to print fabric or make clothing. Because she does this to help other small shops grow. I could go on and on but I will say once you get her designs printed you will not be able to stop.


I am so grateful to have found Cheryl and the community she has built. Her designs are top quality and print to fabric beautifully. Her love for designing truly shines with every release she makes.I was struggling to find a way to stand out from the crowd, when everyone around is using and promoting the same prints. Finding Popologie has completely transformed my business. Pair that with the fact that she cares about keeping things limited so smaller businesses have a chance to stand out means more to me than anything. It's the type of person I can get behind and support.


I absolutely love how original your art is. Love that all the designs are all ready for me to send to the printer so I don't need to mess with them if I don't want to.



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